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Petroleum Card Services

PCS, Southern U.S. is the southern sales office for Petroleum Card Services, widely recognized as being one of the best in providing business solutions to the petroleum market. PCS is not just another merchant services provider; we offer a superior, more personalized level of customer service, backed by the latest and greatest products in the industry. We proudly invite you to contact us to find out how customers are supposed to be treated...

The PCS Mission: to provide superior products and services at the lowest possible cost to our clients, while maintaining excellence in customer service and support. The needs of our clients are our primary focus.

We specialize in processing credit, debit, and fleet cards for Marinas, C-Stores, and Truck Stops, and also provide service to all other industries such as restaurant, retail, hospitality, etc. Included are always the same low rates and personal customer service that you'll find at PCS.

We don't just sell credit card processing services; we integrate our products and services into the core of your everyday business. Our goal is to reduce your costs associated with processing transactions, and to always give you the best in service..

We provide customer service that is unmatched in our industry. With LIVE associates ready to answer all of your questions, we provide immediate solutions in order to maintain business as usual without interruption.


"PCS has tailored its comprehensive package of credit-card processing services specifically to meet all of your marina needs. They offer a wide range of products, at no cost to you, to make your business more efficient and more profitable."

Jim Frye, CMM
AMI President and Chair


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2243 Park Place Suite C. Minden, NV 89423. PCS, Southern U.S. is an Independent Sales Agent for Petroleum Card Services. (850) 934-3030