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The Solution for Hardware Vendors     


If you sell, install, and maintain site controllers for c-stores and truck stops, you understand the value in having the most reliable card processor handle your client's merchant account. Convenience store owners rely on you, the hardware vendor, to guide them in establishing a merchant account for card processing. At PCS, we'll provide your client merchant ID's and BuyPass numbers in 24 hours or less!!* That’s right,


What’s more, we’ll work hand-in-hand with you to make sure the location is up and running properly, accepting all card types necessary. We also provide all of our valued hardware vendors with the opportunity to add revenue to their businesses. With a simple, one page referral agreement, you are paid for every referral customer who utilizes PCS! So, if you want happy clients, give us a shout and let’s work together to make our mutual client the happiest in the industry!

Click here for a list of certified POS (Point of Sale) interfaces.

Ask Yourself:

  • BuyPass Platform
  • MID and BuyPass numbers in 24 hours!*
  • Certified on over 95% of Petro POS
  • Process all credit, debit, and fleet cards
  • Industry knowledge and experience
  • Does your organization need to utilize the BuyPass network to process credit card transactions?
  • Has it been tough to handle the set-up of merchant accounts?
  • Would you like a contact to handle the set-up of these merchant accounts?
  • Are you interested in speaking with a PCS petroleum specialist?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, please Contact us immediately!


* Certain terms and conditions may apply.
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