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C-Stores & Truck Stop Solutions


At PCS, we know that your c-store or truck stop MUST be able to accept credit, debit, and fleet cards 24/7. We understand your site controllers, credit card terminals, authorization options, and your need for the lowest rates in the industry. We understand that with the ever rising cost of RAC, taxes, and freight, you cannot afford to pay 3% in fees. Contact PCS today to reduce your fees, and increase your level of service!

  Our experience with the people at PCS has shown them to be accessible, responsive, and determined to get done what they say they will.

- Tom Manning, CPA, CFO - Save More, Inc.
  • Superior Petroleum Industry Expertise
  • Acceptance of ALL card types
  • POS Equipment Sales/Service
  • Detailed, Customized reporting
  • Excellence in Service
  • Datawire and other transaction routing options

Integrated Interfaces

Credit Cards

Click here for a list of certified POS
(Point of Sale) interfaces.

Fleet Card Acceptance

Credit Cards

Latest Communication Options

Wire Micro Node
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PCS can process credit, debit, and fleet card transactions on virtually ALL POS systems and site controllers including: VeriFone Ruby, Gilbarco G-site, GasBoy, Autogas, Pinnacle, Radiant, Triversity, Petrovend, Ccistech, Fiscal, Trendar, and all the rest.

Hypercom, VeriFone, Lipman/Nurit, Dassault, Linkpoint, and other terminals are all supported as well!

PCS knows that fleet card acceptance means repeat commercial business. Wright Express, Voyager, and Fuelman are the three largest fleet card issuers, and for truck stops, acceptance of EFS Fleet, Comdata, TransPlatinum, and others is crucial. Anywhere you accept cards in your c-store or truck stop, from the pumps to the fast-food counter, PCS has THE solution.

Are you still using satellite or dial-up to process card-based transactions? There's a much better way! PCS is bringing all of its merchants industry changing technology with Datawire. Replace your costly satellite with a Datawire MicroNode, routing your transactions over the internet and completely eliminating any recurring monthly satellite expense!

Setup & Service

  • Whether a VeriFone Ruby, Trendar, Fiscal System, or a simple Hypercom credit card machine, setup is a breeze.
  • PCS does not charge any upfront setup or service intialization fees.
  • You will find our service to be second to none as we are always available to you, 24/7.

Data Wire

  • Reduce your average authorization time to 2-3 seconds
  • Eliminate ALL satellite costs, no monthly fees
  • More reliable service with dial back up capabilities
  • Continue to accept all card types: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, Debit, Wright Express, Voyager, Fuelman and more
  • Works with your existing site controller; Ruby, G-site, Fis-cal, and more!


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